Cleaning can be easy and less time-consuming. For real. Just if you know how to avoid the most common mistakes we make while doing it. This is why we interviewed a team of professional cleaners in Camberwell and asked them about their experience and knowledges on this topic. Read below to find them out and learn what to do instead, to make cleaning more efficient, easy and quick.

1. Trying to do it all in one day

No matter how hard you want to get it over with, cleaning a whole house of flat can not be done in one day, unless you have a dozen helpers. It is much better to go for “divide and conquer” and do a little each day.

cleaning alone

2. Not asking for help

Cleaning a house isn’t a one man’s job. It’s totally in order to ask everyone to pitch in. After all, living in a clean and healthy home is of everyone’s benefit.

cleaning help

3. Disinfecting before cleaning

It’s no surprise, a proper cleaning procedure must follow an order. First clean, then disinfect.

cleaning and disinfection

4. Paper towel addiction

Ditch it as soon as possible. It is easy to wipe with a paper towel and then throw it off immediately, but it is wasteful and costs you money. So why not try to be greener, by cleaning with reusable micro-fibre cloths or rags, reduce waste and contribute for saving the environment?

reusable cloths

5. Spending too much on cleaning supplies

Do not buy what you can make by yourself. Otherwise cleaning will become too expensive. If you will be spending a bunch on products and tools, better hire a team of professional cleaners as they come equipped with everything necessary. Or check out the many DIY recipes here and make your own inexpensive cleaning solution.

green cleaning

Those were just five of the most common cleaning mistakes we all make. Stay tuned for the rest coming up soon.