In the last two parts we shared with you 10 mistakes we all make when cleaning our home. Now it is time for the last 5 of them. 

home clean home11. Disorganization

I realized my lack of organization skills, when I encountered the need of a “lost and found” place in my home. Exactly like people, things also have a home, or at least a proper storage place. Try to keep tabs on clutter like I did. Go trough all the rooms in your house  with a big basket and toss in anything lying around. It is a great way for a quick clean up.

reduce clutter

12. Forgetting the germ hot spots

We spend more time dusting and hovering, while the most dirtiest places are left untouched. Doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, sinks often remain neglected and this is a big mistakes. Those places are known as germ collectors and require a regular disinfection.

germ hot spots

13. Skipping over the forgotten places

By forgotten places I mean coffee machines, dishwashers, shower head, etc. The best thing is to make a check list, so that you wont forget again.

clean coffee machine

14. Over stressing 

If your home isn’t spotless, that won’t be the end of the world. Feeling overwhelmed by the many cleaning tasks requiring your attention will only make things worse. Just calm down and try to put things in perspective. They say a messy house is a happy house anyway.


15. The Superhero syndrome 

People are very busy nowadays. We have grumpy bosses to please, children to keep alive and 101 other things to do. So it is completely normal you don’t have enough time to finish it all. Be reasonable instead. If you earn good enough and have the extra money, why not hire some professional help like cleaners Wandsworth and spend some quality time with your loved ones? I know this is what I would do, so at least think about it.

gerard butler on cleaning

Now you know a bunch of DONT’s on cleaning, also known as the most common cleaning mistakes. The best thing is, you are also aware of the right things to do instead.