The motorcycle drive chain is one of the most important things from your motorcycle. It is necessary for its proper working condition to be clean and safe if you want to use it as much and long as possible. Remember that a dirty motorcycle chain can cause an accident while you’re riding.

You need to spare 30 minutes from your time to clean your motorcycle chain for every 3000 miles or even more often if it has grease and oil build up on it. Cleaning Experts advise you to do this in your driveway or garage.

  1. Cool down your motorcycle because the chemicals you will use for cleaning are very high flammable, don’t work on a hot bike, there is a potential of burning out;
  2. Remove the bolts that are near the axle and the front of the chain if you have a chain guard;
  3. Cover the inside of the chain and the space between its links when you spray the chain. For spraying use kerosene;
  4. Scrub the chain of your motorcycle with a steel wire brush as closely as you can to clear all dirty particles and grease left, so that the new lubricant you’re going to use may stick. If it’s needed rinse the brush with clean water when it’s fully covered with dust and debris;
  5. Fill a wash bucket with clean water and pour the chain over, then let it dry for as long as it takes to be fully dried;
  6. Once the chain is dried, apply small amounts of a chain wax or a chain lubricant on it. Make sure to cover the entire chain. You can find them in almost every automotive store;
  7. Now, it’s ready to work for you!

Cleaners W5 hope you will be responsible for your motorcycle and for your health when you use it!