Every time, when it comes time to move out, there are couple of questions that start circle inside your head. Questions, beginning with question words like where, who, how etc. and big part of them concern the tenancy cleaning, that you have to do, the last obstacle.

Then, you start looking for the best company to do all that stuff. You spend time searching on the internet, sifting through the local papers, reading all kind of ads. After that, you usually make your choice and pick one of the phone numbers, and call the company, that will perform this last cleaning for you. And since this is your first time, moving out of a rental property and cleaning it, there are probably a lot of stuff, that you are not aware of, and you probably have a lot of questions. To make sure, that your going to make the right choice of cleaning company, you probably should write down the most important stuff, you need to ask for. Like what is included in the service? Are they going to clean the pipes in the bathroom, and the oven, are they going to clean it inside as well, as the outside. If something is not included in the service, you probably should take care of it all by yourself. You have to be absolutely sure, what part of the cleaning is in their range of service. Maybe it is a good idea to book suitable time, when you are at home when they arrive to the location. Ask how long is going to take them, to clean up the place and make sure the desired areas will be impeccably clean. In conclusion, professional end of cleaning service is a good and sure way to put the rental unit back to its clean and nice look, just like it was on your first day in.