Hardwood flooring is preferred by most of the pet owners, because they are aware of the damage that their pet will cause to carpeting. This problem has inspired several carpet choosing tips and others on how to keep your flooring clean afterwards.

Hiding your pets hair and stains could be done by choosing an appropriate design. Dark colours tend to show everything. For most of the cases a colorfully speckled carpet could do the job and hide the hair. However, other problems are way more serious than hair, so in this direction another solution is needed.   Find a carpet that can withstand any pet damage. Most of the carpets are made of material that allows liquid (pet urine) to soak through the padding and no to the floor below. In this direction a nylon carpeting is ideal. In addition, it is the strongest and most durable type of carpeting, which is easy to clean, therefore is ideal for any pet owner to have at his home.

A thorough carpet cleaning is also required. The way to have the best result is to buy a professional vacuum cleaner. So invest in carpet cleaning device that will pay off by helping you get rid of all that unwanted pet hair.   Of course, a radical solutions can be found. This does not mean you should get rid of your pet, but it  is as simple as restricting it from entering a given room. To forbid the dogs entrance to a room you can either put gates or train it not to enter the room.

The final solution is to look closely at the carpets warranty. Very few warranties will cover damage caused by pets, but in case there is one, it would be a great bargain.   In conclusion, I hope these tips are helpful, and that they will give many housekeepers a peace of mind as living in harmony with a pet and clean carpet is a really tough task.