If you are going to move to another living place you should be ready for many unexpected events that you have not planned for. That is why many people do not have nice moving experience. But ironically, planning is the key to a successful move.

When it comes to house moving even the perfect moving plan cannot prevent things from happening such as a base being broken but most problems that occur are caused by poor planning. Here you can read about the three  most common mistakes people make when planning home moving.

1. Start packing too late.
Most people just do not suspect how many belongings they have accumulated for all the years they have lived in their home. When it comes to packing many of them find that they have too many possessions that need to be packed and less time to do it. It is in every instance better to finish packing early than to start packing late. It is very stressful when the removal company that you have hired is waiting for you at your front door and you find at the very last moment that you have left your favourite shoes.

2. Not packing strategically.
Packing is a process that needs to be planned very carefully if you do not want to end up causing significant headache. Packing strategically means that you get all your items in boxes, tape them and label them. Make sure that you pack similar items together and label boxes according to the contents they contain or a family member that they belong to.

3. Hiring a removals company too late.
When moving house removals companies are in high demand. If you are on a tight budget you may be glad to hear that there are many cheap removals in London that will take care of your items at low prices. Make sure that you hire a company that has good reputation. If you do not want to pay for a last-minute service, make sure that you book as early as possible.