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Previously, I shared with you my passion for unusual facts. I was talking about tea and how it is great for so much more than just drinking. Now I will continue with the rest extraordinary uses of tea.

2.A cure for puffy eyes

tea bags

Another beauty tip, which involves the use of tea, will help you deal with tired or swollen eyes. Nobody likes having donuts for eyes, but it’s pretty common, especially after a night out.

In order to be able to go to school or work, looking like yourself again, use tea. Take two bags, soak them in water, close your eyes and put them on for half an hour. The tannin in tea will soothe your eyes and after the time passes, the puffiness will be gone.

The above mentioned solution is much more better, than what we usually do. Showing at work or school with the big black movie-star-like sunglasses won’t hide the real story. Contrary, it will make others think your boyfriend hit you in the face, or you are suffering from a hangover.

3.Wood cleaner


Except caring for your beauty and health, you can use tea when cleaning wooden furniture and floors. Just boil a couple of tea bags in one litre water. You’ll have to let this homemade cleaning solution to cool down, before starting with the actual cleaning procedure. Take a soft cloth, soak it in and wipe your wooden items. Dry with another clean cloth after. According to professional cleaners tea will condition the wood, making it even greater looking. It’s a great and easy natural cleaning method, no chemicals involved, just tea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the top 3 unusual things, you can use tea for. Now you can invite your friends to a tea party and have some interesting facts to share.

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