ouse cleanung to burn caloriesDo you work out regularly? Do you clean often? What about doing both and being fit while living in a cleaner home. Here are the top 3 ways to lose weight while cleaning.

First of all, if you don’t have the time to work out as you have many domestic responsibilities, here is the solution. You can clean and lose weight. All house cleaning activities can help you burn calories. The only requirement is to be persistent. Now check the following tips.

Heavy duty cleaning – if you stick to this tip you can burn up to 300 cal/hr. Make a good plan, spot the areas that are more soiled. Here you can “work out” for longer. Carpet cleaning is one of the main calorie-burning activities. Wear a sauna belt, or just kneel repeatedly while you vacuum the floor. Repeated actions will improve you muscles’ tone and boost your mood. When you clean, make sure you have a motivational music as background. Do you feel the power rising?

Smart cleaning – it is very suitable for upholstery cleaning. When it is time to clean the sofa, lean ahead and back while you vacuum the cushions. Do not forget to clean under the upholstery. Dust, germs and pests hide down there. Put a hose attachment and try to reach every corner underneath.

Uplifting cleaning – in other words, decluttering. When you clear the surfaces, do it with a quick and accurate move. Get all unusual possessions in a basket, and donate them to charity. Decorating your living room will lift your spirit up. You need more light, more colours. Pot flowers can improve the atmosphere. You can lift and drop heavy items, be careful with fragile objects.

You can lose weight while cleaning, and have a clean and more appealing home afterwards. Double the benefits now, and clean more vigorously and stay fit.