Before you start cleaning your home, you can do some beforehand work, so it gets easier for you to do the main task- cleaning. For this, you can create a check-list with all your tools, that are in top shape, the cleaning products, you will use, and everything you need for the actual cleaning process. Make a substantial observation of your house and note the problems areas; the tools, the methods and the cleaning agents you need to repair. To accomplish the whole task with no obstacles, separate the check-list on sections, according to the rooms, so for each room you will know what you have to do and what you need to ensure. In this way you will avoid any possibility to miss something of your items or the cleaning services ( if you use them).

This is the perfect time to sort all of your stuff, kept in the closets and shelves. Home cleaning is a lot easier when there is a minimum of mess. So that you will focus on the actual cleaning tasks. Eject the not needed items and prepare them to throw in the trash or to give them to some charity institution. This would help you a lot as it releases you a lot of space and it makes easier to clean the infected areas.

Before start with the cleaning, make a substantial check up on everything, included in your equipment. If there is anything that it is out of order or something you need is missing, then try to purchase good replacements. The minimum you must have is a good broom and dust pan; a wet mops or sponge mop (but this of course depends on the type of flooring at your house); some soft cloths for polishing, and dusting, a broom for each of the places, which recommend different kind of cleaning and cleaning tools. The usage of a good vacuum with a number of attachments or carpet sweeper is also essential for the good cleaning process. Ensure that you have new bags for the vacuum and and your vacuum cleaner is working properly.

Even if you decide to hire cleaning services, this cleaning check-list will be very useful for you to define all the types of cleaning your house need and all the places you them getting cleaned.