White vinegar is a great substitute of commercial shampoos. While many carpet shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to children and pets, white vinegar is a safe and natural product to clean your carpet. Using a carpet cleaning machine with a solution of vinegar and water effectively removes stains, odours and  shampoo residue from previous cleanings.
Here are the instructions how to use white vinegar cleaning solution as recommended by carpet cleaners in Acton.

  1. Add ½ cup of white vinegar to one gallon of boiling water.
  2. Wait the white vinegar mixture for several minutes to cool until the bubbles stop forming, then fill the tank of the carpet cleaning machine with the solution.
  3. Clean the carpet following the directions of the machine. Since the white vinegar is not as harsh as commercial cleaning product, several passes might be required to completely clean the carpet.
  4. Normally, your carpet smells like vinegar after you have used white vinegar solution, but this odour fade as the carpet dry completely. However, if the scent remains, use the carpet cleaning machine with warm water to pass over the area once more time.

Unlike the carpet shampoo that may harden and dull the fibers, vinegar based solution will make the carpet softer and more colourful. The white vinegar is not harmful to carpets, so you can clean your carpet with vinegar cleaning solution as often as you desire. However, carpets need deep cleaning from time to time, and the vinegar is not suitable for that type of cleaning which is best to be trusted on professionals such as Acton cleaners.