The types of window glass and glass as a material, can vary tremendously. Most of them require to be cleaned soon or later. No matter what kind of glass you need to clean, being mirrors, car’s wind-shield, hose windows, crystal or any other type, there are few things that is a must to know about cleaning a glass.

To start from the most important aspect – the longevity of the crystal or the mirror or whatever the glass is, and also your health. No matter where you go or what kind of job is performed, everywhere the safety comes first even when cleaning glass. Take proper precautions, considering the type of glass that you going to clean. Make sure to make gentle moves and not break any glass, other wise you risk cutting your self, and if mixed with the cleaning detergent, severe skin damages may occur. Also it is strongly advised, before making any contact with the spray detergent and cleaning materials, read carefully the sticker on them, or allergic reaction can be received through all these chemicals, also inhalation may happen by accident, so make sure to spray with fully stretched hand at the window. Get to know the hazards involved with the type of glass you are going to clean with. If cleaning tall windows, at the top you may be poured, so gear such as rubber gloves and mask or even glasses are recommended.

As most people want, you will probably want to do full job possible, so when seeing the cleaned glass to be satisfied by yourselves. It is vital to use only one, but the right solvent and the proper tool too. With removing the most hard particles from the glass, you must minimize the amount of streaking lines, thus to eliminate them completely, use a mop of squeegee kind, with a rubber trim on the other side. So the only thing left to do is to master the movement technique with the squeegee and leave no streaks from the first wipe. And never again pay for cleaning services, to maintain your store windows clean, now you can do it by yourselves.