Before hiring a cleaning services provider, make a list of your needs and ask the company to provide a detailed information about their services and the estimated cost of cleaning. In many cases, the landlord will have his own vision about what has to be cleaned and what not, make sure you have included each area required by your landlord in the cleaning list.

Even after the property was cleaned by a professional cleaning company, the landlord can still be unsatisfied with the look of the premise. If that is the case, the tenant can appeal to the cleaning company to confirm that they have done everything required by the landlord. This will help substantially to get your entire security deposit back. A written confirmation either by email or latter is the best way to prove that the property was cleaned by professionals. A reputable cleaning company will provide a written information from the task to the estimated cost of each service so you can use it in case of problems with you landlord. Also be sure to keep a copy of the contract with the cleaning company.

Some cleaning services providers make a photo before and after the cleaning as additional litigation.

It is recommended to avoid companies which refuse to commit anything to write and accept payment in cash. A reliable and reputable cleaning company such as end of tenancy cleaning Acton will ensure that the job is done at the highest level and you will receive your deposit back.

Professional cleaners are experienced enough to bring the property to the condition required by the landlord. This could be decisive in case when the landlord has high expectations about the cleanliness of the property.