Eco-Friendly-HouseThe popularity of prefab homes has grown immensely during the last decade. Prefab homes are built in major components and are delivered at the given site to be assembled together. However during the last decade it was the green building approach that defined the major trends in the field of architecture. Thus we have decided to write down an article with some tips which will allow you to select and purchase the most eco-friendly prefabricated home possible.

Insulated walls – generally prefabricated houses come with externally insulated walls. However not every type of insulation is eco-friendly. Therefore when you are making your final choice demand that the manufacturer uses eco-friendly insulating materials for the exterior wall insulation. You can also insist that the walls should be insulated internally. This way your prefab house will have better insulation and you will have to use less energy to heat and cool down the estate during the winter and summer season.

Double paned windows – most prefab windows come with double paned windows. However some types of prefab homes have standardized windows. If you are ordering such a home ask the manufacturer if the standard windows can be replaced with double paned ones. This way your home will be more energy efficient.

Smart wiring – today more and more houses including prefab houses are mounted with motion and body heat sensors that automatically regulate the amount of light and air conditioning that is need in the room. Even more you can ask for wireless thermostats to be mounted so that you can regulate the indoor temperature even when you are not at home.

Energy efficient appliances – once that your house has been assembled furnish it with the latest energy efficient appliances. By placing such appliances in your house you will drastically reduce the electricity and water usage.

Eco-friendly cleaning – there is no use in having an eco-friendly house if you don’t clean it with eco-friendly products such as carpet cleaning chemicals. You can purchase such carpet cleaning chemicals and other green cleaning detergents by clicking here or from any supermarket in your area.