After we have seen the first handful of important aspects when purchasing a hard floor vacuum cleaner, it’s time to move on and observe the rest of the things you should be aware of. Some technical aspects are worth noting not only for the vacuum cleaners, but generally for all types of house cleaning machines.

For an energy saving house cleaning, watch out for the economy of the vacuum cleaner. Always check the performance of the machines. Check the claimed cleaning efficiency against the power consumption to obtain the best compromise between the two. The choice will often come down to the size of the motor because a more powerful motor will require less time to clean the same space.

Considering the availability of spares and consumables, it is always best to consider the down-side of a vacuum before you buy it. Although they don’t break down very often, you should buy one with readily available spare parts. It is also important to know that consumables like filters and drive belts are available.

It is important that you have a machine with a comprehensive written guarantee. There is very little that can go wrong with a vacuum cleaner, so you should be able to obtain a materials guarantee for two years.

If you are looking at a major purchase, you should try to locate a dealer who has a machine that can be used for a home trial. The best way to find out if you have the right machine is to take one home and try it. If the retailer does not offer this service, see if you can locate a hire shop with the model in stock.

London cleaning professionals suggest checking the safety of the vacuum cleaner. A thermal cut out is essential. Pay attention to the signs that indicate when the bag or water container are full. Check also for any sharp edges and corners on the machine that could injure you if you fell against them.