London cleanersIf you consider yourself a melomaniac then you will be interested in learning how you can clean your CDs. Usually the fingerprints, debris and dirt on the disk are the main reason why the CD shows errors. Therefore you need to find out how to keep your CDs clean in order to prolong the life of the disk and your CD player as well.

If your favourite disk refuse to work the only option you can try to change this is to clean it. And if you are wondering how exactly to do this London cleaning professionals will tell you the whole information you need in the next lines.

1. If you want to prevent fingerprints on your CDs you should hold the disk as you put one finger through the hole in the middle. This way you will not leave any marks on the playable surface which reduces the chance to damage the surface.

2. Then you should dampen a soft cloth with a little bit of some rubbing alcohol. The best cloths that you can use for the purpose are the silk, satin or glass-cleaning ones.

3. Place the cloth right next to the hole on the disk. Then rub gently the CD with the cloth. You should clean the CD in a direction from the centre working your way out to the edge of the disk. Use the cloth to clean the both sides of the CD. Continue with the cleaning until all the dirt and dust are completely cleaned up.

4. Then you need to fill a bowl large enough for the CD to fit into it with water. London cleaners advise to soak the CD in the water and let it to sit for about 3-5 minutes. This way you will be able to remove any of the remaining alcohol and dirt from the CD.