satin cleaningSatin is a very delicate and luxurious material. That is why it is used for many items like clothes and bedsheets. There are a lot of methods for cleaning and washing satin, but before you choose one make sure you check the care instructions on the label to see if it is appropriate. Here is one method that you could use:

Satin items should be hand washed. However, most of them can also be washed on a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Cleaners Edmonton advise you use cool water and gentle detergent.

If you hand wash the garment. Fill the sink with cold or cool water and add some mild liquid detergent. Let the satin soak for 5 to 10 minutes and then squeeze all the suds out. Then rinse off thoroughly with cool water. Do not wring or twist the satin garment because it will loose its shape.

You should not dry satin in dryers, because the heat will damage them. Instead of that, lay the clothing over a clean bath towel. Roll the towel up into a roll and press ass hard as you can. This way the towel will absorb all the excess water without harming the satin. Then unroll the towel and take the clothing out. Lay the garment flat on another dry bath towel and let it air-dry. This is much better than drying in sunlight.

If you have to iron satin items, you should do it on a medium or low setting, without steam. Cleaners Edmonton advise you iron the item inside-out, without holding the iron in on place for too long.

Never wash satin in hot water because they will shrink. You can do this if you have satin clothes that are too big, but otherwise, do not do it.