cleaners CamdenIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everything is covered with snow outside and all of us are waiting for Christmas holidays. But something is missing? Your Christmas spirit is gone? And why is that? Probably not because you don’t like holidays or gifts? Of course, you have a less budget this year and you don’t know how to cover everything with it. You want to buy gifts for your relatives and friends, but decoration of your home, also. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem!

You just need a little inspiration, creativity and your Christmas spirit back to make your holiday a great one! Here you are some easy tips from Camden cleaners on how to decorate your home without blowing your budget.

  • What is good to winter season and Christmas is that you can find everything to decorate with in just some steps from your door – in your backyard. Take some pine cones, woods, etc. to give your home a holiday smell, spray them with warm gold paint and you will have beautiful Christmas decorations;
  • Stock up some candles and light them. There are plenty of sizes, colours and flavours of candles, so you can be sure they will add a real sparkle to your home;
  • Ask all your guests for the bug holiday to bring a decoration item with them. It may be a candle, an ornament, a Christmas toy, whatever they wish;
  • Try to create your own ornaments from different items such as an umbrella from a cocktail, cotton and others;
  • Cut some paper from the edges and you will be surprised how beautiful garlands you can make!

Cleaners Camden wish you happy holidays with beautiful decorated home!