see-trough curtainI am very excited about the upcoming season, so I decided to start preparing my home for the spring. The particular chore, I will tackle today is curtain cleaning.

Net curtains are preferred by people, who like to have more light in their home. Those kind of window coverings are extremely popular for kid’s rooms. No matter how thin net curtains are, they need regular maintenance like everything else and are on our household chore list. Read below and find out some tips on net curtains cleaning.

Curtains tend to accumulate dust pretty easily, which changes their original look and even the way they smell. Curtains, made from material like heavier polyester or cotton, can be easily laundered in the washing machine. If yours are more delicate and most likely to get damaged if washed, follow the advice below and you will be able to clean them properly.

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When dealing with delicate fabrics, hand washing is the safe way to go. Take off your net curtains and place them in your bathtub. If you don’t have one, use the largest sink you have in your home. Fill it with warm (not hot) water and add a cup of mild laundry detergent.

In case your net curtains have developed an unpleasant odour, you can remove it with baking soda. Just add half cup and soak for an hour tops. You can rub the items together for more thoroughly cleaning.

Once you are done, empty the sink or bathtub (whichever you used). Rinse with clean water, to get rid of the scum and any possible detergent residues. Take the net curtains out of the sink to dry. Providers of domestic cleaning services in Balham advise to very carefully wring out the excess moisture. Find a suitable place to hang them up to dry. Best, leave the process to go naturally, without using any source of heat, if possible.

Now you can check off the box next to curtains cleaning in your spring preparation list.

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