By the time you move in the rented unit everything is kept nice and clean. Your aim, when you move in from the first day on, is to keep it as clean, as possible during the lease period. The end of tenancy clean cost includes everything you have to clean in case you decide to end up the contract or in case it expires. Certain tenants may experience strange problems during their stay there. Like having troubles with rodents or having problems with the mildew.

For your own goodness you have to take care of this on time, not when it becomes to late.

There are few tips of how to prevent the forming of mildew. The sooner you take care of the problem areas, the better. You have to identify the problem places and keep them clean and dry.

The first thing you have to know about the mildew, is that it grows perfectly in humid and warm areas. Good soil for the development of the mildew is, for example, the clothes in the wardrobe. If the moisture level and the temperature is right you could expect mildew any time sooner. Another good place for mildew to show up is the kitchen. Greasy places in the kitchen could provide good start for mildew growing.

In case any of the factors, mentioned above, are there in you home, here is some basic treatment of how to prevent the growth of the fungus. First keep an eye on such areas and clean them thoroughly every day.

Find out the source of the moisture and eliminate the further actions that causes. Maybe additional insulation is needed in order to stop the moister. Any water leaks could be the cause for the constant moister in your home. Make sure that the water from the bathroom, the washing machine is draining right outside. Another way to get rid of the excessive moister levels at you place is to heat up the place for some period of time. Keep the windows open so you could prevent better ventilation of the place. Having good air conditioning system helps removing the moisture by taking out the warm air that is good soil for its growth. Do not leave wet clothes to hang on the extend inside the place.

Tackling down the moisture problem in the very beginning could give you better chance to keep the place cleaner and at the end of the lease contract you will have less troubles with the landlord. A professional end of tenancy cleaning service could help you with all that, but still it is up to you ,as a tenant to take care of all the moisture problems during your stay there. You don’t have to wait the last moment to start caring, right?