Cleaners LondonEvery home owner has its cleaning schedule that he/she follows to maintain his/her property. Different people have different cleaning habits. Some of them maintain their properties on a daily basis, others take care of their properties ones a week. Also, there are people who use only professional cleaning services.

In every home there are some particular areas that people must clean. Unfortunately, some of these spots are often missed by home owners. So, if you are curious about which are the spots that our cleaners London think that must be maintained regularly, in the next lines you will find them.

1. I guess that you do not forget to clean your fridge, counter-top, oven and kitchen sink,while cleaning your kitchen … but what about your knife stand?! This spot of your home attracts lots of dirt and grease while cooking so it is important to clean it regularly. For its maintenance use a solution of hot water and some dish-washing liquid. Then dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

2. People do not forget to vacuum their carpets and rugs, but often avoid the cleaning of their electronic devices. And I am not talking about your big electronic devices, but the small ones that you use in a regular basis such as remote controls, keyboards, your computer mouse, etc. So, when was the last time when you cleaned up your telephone?!

3. Last but not least, cleaners in London are begging you to look after the appliances such as your washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner! The absurd here is that most of the people forget to take care of these appliances, which they use to keep their homes clean and shiny.