For many pet owner who do not live in a house, dog urine can be a huge problem. Even the toughest noses can be overtaken by these highly objectionable odours coming from a carpet.

The dog’s urine is has the ability to lay its smell for a long period of time. It is good first to clean away the urine with good soapy disinfectant cleaner, afterwards you can tackle the odor. The most powerful cleaning solution which can easily remove odor are on enzymatic basis. The enzymes are proteins, which are breaking the molecules that are responsible for odors and stains. These things a carpet cleaner wouldn’t know mostly. Cleaner products such as these are most likely to be found in pet stores rather then ordinary shops.

Other option that is left aside is where you can create your own cleaning solution which shall remove dog urine and other stains like these ones. You shall need 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar, dish detergent and baking soda.

For most carpet cleaners it is known that reacting at once is vital because when carpets and liquids are involved it means that can soak through the carpet all way down to the flood beneath. As most people turned into carpet cleaners not by their own will, will know that you must get rid of as much urine as possible, before applying any cleaner on the carpet. The first thing that you should do when an urine is involved, is to place under the carpet a newspaper or other thick absorbent. As in time being a pet owner, you will most certainly will became carpet cleaner if own such one of course.