home cleaning makes you fitDo you want to be able to keep up with your domestic chores and manage to workout regularly? It is up to you to organize your spare time in a way that suits you best. Here are some tips on how to clean your home and lose weight.

It is easy to convert any cleaning task into an energy boosting and calories-burning activity. Combine the workout with cleaning and you will achieve astounding cleaning results and tone your body.

Any physical activity should begin with warming up and stretching, before proceeding to heavy sofa cleaning for example. It is highly recommended to warm up a bit, for up to 10 minutes, in order to avoid cracks and fractures. It is simple, just run around the house and collect useless items you want to get rid of. De-cluttering, rubbish removal, it all can be done on the go.

When you feel that you body is ready for more, let’s get down to cleaning. Now that your home is clutter-free, you can steam clean your sofa or carpet. Here are some of the activities that can help you strengthen your arms and legs:

Moving furniture: this can proceed vacuuming. If you hardly reach behind upholstery and furniture, move it around. Just make sure you do not exhaust yourself with the heaviest upholstery and wardrobes. Ask someone to give you a hand, if you feel that it is too heavy for you.

Cleaning the car: here you are free to improvise. But try to involve both your arms and legs in the activity. Rub hard, vigorously, brush, just be more effective and shed some sweat. It is worth.

Sofa cleaning: lift the cushions to warm up your arms and shoulders. Slide the sofa a bit, focus on your legs now. Try to reach every corner while vacuuming.