If you are a woman who loves fashion, you must have at least one silk scarf in the wardrobe. In this article you can read more about the different ways to clean these accessories. They are usually quite expensive so you must be aware how to clean them properly.

The easiest way to have your precious silk scarf cleaned is to send it to dry cleaners. Thus you can be sure that it be processed with delicate and mild detergents and it will look like a new one when taking it back.

If you still decide to do it home, you should first prepare a cleaning agent. Experienced cleaners London advise you to buy a special detergent, designed for silk clothes. Mix it with cold or cool water and let the scarf get soaked for five to ten minutes. Then drain the water very softly. Afterwards, rinse the scarf several times with water only until the detergent is completely gone. When you have finished this, put it on a clean towel. Wrap the towel around it and press gently. Let it dry completely but at a place with no direct sunlight.

When washing the scarf on your own, you need to have in mind some fact. The temperature of the water must be less than 30 degrees Celsius. Choose only silk special detergents. Only hand wash it and do it separately – without any other clothes or accessories. After washing, rinse carefully so that there is no detergent left.

Leading cleaners in London share with you another unconvetional way to clean your scarf. Put it in a glass bottle, add a little silk detergent and fill with water to the half. Close the bottle and shake it. The process is very easy and utterly harmless for the silk.