As some may think, but no, this is not a practical joke, there really is a thing known as compost tea and it happens to be one of the best natural fertilizers, which can easily be made at home. Compost tea due to its liquid form is the better alternative to regular compost as it reaches the roots and inner layers of soil quicker than traditional forms of compost.

Making compost tea is relatively easy and doesn’t require any special products or blending. Usually the best recipe is two parts of carbon rich brown material like dead leaves, tree bark and other brown garden debris mixed to one part of nitrogen rich green material like rotting grass, small rotting bushes or other shrubbery from the garden. Mix the whole blend in a mesh sack inside a compost barrel full of water, then add twelve ounces of molasses, same amount of liquid kelp and fish hydrolysate – these can be easily purchased over at your nearest garden center. It usually takes about twenty four hours for the mixture to be ready, the amount produced will easily be enough for an acre of lawn. Once you have used up the compost tea, dispose of the leftovers and start over fresh for a new amount.

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Once you have the compost tea you would want to spray your lawn as soon as possible, for this to happen you will need irrigation tubing and a drill, construct the irrigation system from the tubing in the desired shape and size, drill sprinkler holes in the tubing at the desired frequency and lay it out. Lid up the compost barrel and you’re ready to spray.