carpet cleaning addictSome may hate cleaning, but others are the very opposite. In our attempt to keep it all clean we tend to overreact and sometimes even “over-clean”. If you are one of the cleaning addicts, this article is for you.

Cleaning has its benefits and, no wonder, many people love doing it. In order to reduce cleaning to normal levels you should try doing something else. First of all, make it clear to yourself why you clean that much. Do you just love the aroma of fresh flowers, or you are now addicted to the heavy toxic smell of bleach and detergents? Every single activity you do, you do it for a reason. What is your aim when doing carpet cleaning three times a day?

Over-cleaning is the process of deliberately scrubbing, polishing, vacuuming, deodorizing, laundering many times a day where there is no need to. Normal cleaning is performed twice a week and with the only aim to maintain the cleanness and improve the home environment. There are some activities you may want to perform daily as dishwashing after every meal, or decluttering. It is not that practical to get obsessed with cleaning the bathroom several times a day. There are many other things you can do in your free time. Would you like a walk in the park instead of carpet cleaning for hours?

If you enjoy cleaning so much, do something. Become a professional cleaner. It is in your blood to fight dirt and dust by all means. So why don’t you make a living out of it.