Everybody that has a house and keep its interior clean has to pay attention sometimes to the exterior, too. It’s the look of the house that other people can easily see. The more it looks good, the better their opinion will be about the owners of the house.

Professional cleaners help people to take care of their house exterior by giving them some steps to follow in order to prevent any problems to arise at the exterior and to achieve good results at the end.

1. It’s recommended to wash your house from the outside at least once a year. If you live in a place with long rainy seasons it is even more important to wash the dirt deposited by the rain on the outside of house and its roof;

2. When you wash your house, start from the top so that you can keep the dirty water below the cleaned areas; If you don’t have a power washer you can rent one, it’s not obligatory to buy such. Before renting don’t forget to choose one that can be used together with your garden hose;

3. To clean up surfaces such as rock, wood or even painted ones you have to make your own cleaning solution that consists of 1 teaspoon trisodium phosphate and a gallon of clean water;

4. For spots and heavy dark stains use a wire brush and another home cleaning solution also taken from the cleaning bloomsbury professionals which includes ¼ cup of muriatic acid and 2 and a half cups of water. You will need to scrub them and this may take you a little more time.

5. Treat the mildew with a sponge and laundry bleach;

6. For the outside of the windows use a rag soaked with kerosene and clean the rust form them always wearing gloves on your hands;