clean bed sheets
There are still many arguments about how often people should change their bed sheets. While changing the sheets once in every two months is considered unsanitary, the true debate is must we always change the sheet once in a week. Those who change their sheets every once in two weeks often say that doing more than that is sign of a neat freak.

According to most people who are really into house cleaning, you should open the windows in the morning to get some air in and put the sheets back so the bed can be aired. Of course, it is better to change the sheets more often during summer. Human bodies sweat about a pint at night, so if you don’t have an air conditioner, it will be a good idea to keep at least 3 changes of sheets in the warm season.

If you think about changing the sheets more often than two weeks, it makes sense. The professionals of leather sofa cleaning in London suggest you think about the dead skin sells, which are constantly falling from you. In fact, the dead sells shedding is the source of dust on the sheets. And you are not willing to sleep in weeks on dead skin sells, do you?

It is not all about changing the sheets. Many people take febreeze and spray it over their mattress and pillows. It is also good to flip the mattress at least once in a month. The experts of sofa steam cleaning in London recommend you to wash the sheets at 60 degrees. In addition, you should freshen the mattress by sprinkling baking soda on it, leave for a couple of hours and then vacuum it off.