how to clean a coffee maker  to have warm aromatic coffeeCoffee is one of the most popular toning drinks. There is nothing more refreshing than a cup of warm aromatic black coffee. In order to drink the best coffee, you need to keep your coffee maker clean. Here are green cleaning recipes and how to clean a coffee maker.

Coffee makers can get tarnished and they may even grow mildew if you do not take care of them. Water in such reservoirs should be changed daily.

If your cup of coffee tastes like mud, do not spill it on the couch, be careful as sofa cleaning is not an easy job. Stop drinking awful coffee and learn how to clean your coffee maker. Good news, you don’t have to spend a fortune, as the following tips are totally green and based on natural household products.

First, turn off the coffee maker, it is quite risky to do it while it is plugged. Then dissemble it, remove the water reservoir, the left over cover in the basket, the plate underneath. All the parts that are in direct contact with the coffee should be cleaned. Wipe the outer part of the machine with a soft damp cloth.

Second, get a bottle white vinegar at hand, for sofa cleaning, in order to remove the spilled coffee from the couch. Now, when the coffee maker is at all its parts, rinse them well in cold water.

All the parts cleaned, now assemble the coffee maker and run 2-3 cups water. Add vinegar to the last brew, dissolved in the water. Vinegar will clean the filter and will eliminate all tiny allergens. Brew several cups of water to clean the sour smell of vinegar.

Coffee making is an art. It all starts with a clean and safe coffee maker. Enjoy every sip.