Cleaning your house is essential and always requires a lot of time. What are your methods of cleaning around the house? Some people usually use the normal things a mob, a broom, a vacuum cleaner or simply a sponge. The most quick way to remove dirt from floors and carpets is a vacuum cleaner. People usually use a vacuum cleaner a lot around the house, even for the smallest spillage of a little salt the vacuum cleaner is there to help.

Sometimes vacuum cleaners have trouble picking up dirt because the suction has weakened. The reason for this is not that the vacuum cleaner is old but maybe that it is dirty and requires cleaning. Even the vacuum cleaner requires maintenance or it won’t function properly. So here a few tips on cleaning your vacuum cleaner so it may run properly. Before you begin cleaning you must check if the bag is full sometimes this is the reason for malfunction if not here is what you do.
1. Before turning off the vacuum cleaner always remove hair from carpet and put it in the vacuum cleaner.
2. Make sure that the rollers of the vacuum cleaner are always free of hair and threads. Simply use some scissors to remove them.
3. It is a good idea to wash the extension and the hose because often a lot of dirt gets stuck to it and cleaning is essential to prevent clogging.
4. Remove the bag and always clean the filter, vacuum cleaner jam up a lot because of the filter.
5. If the vacuum cleaner still has some trouble maybe you have an engine trouble and for that get some professionals to help you.