An important question for every household is what to look for in a vacuum cleaner. In fact, there are many different types and styles, fitting every person’s specific needs. Here are some main types that might be useful for your home cleaning needs.

London cleaning professionals advise you to select the vacuum cleaners carefully and take into consideration what type of floor you have. For those who have basic carpeting, a standard upright vacuum will do good for you. These are not very large, can store away fairly easily and are easy to push around your home. Vacuum bags are the standard that will need to be changed periodically to ensure a strong suction.

These bags have special lines that help you determine when they are full and need to be changed. Users will also find that each one has its own specific model number and type of vacuum bag it needs so you must be sure to find the right one for the upright model you have.

Other variety is the one with canister you employ yourself. Many people enjoy this type because it saves them on what they would normally have to pay for in bags. The simple design offers a clear canister that you can actually detach from the main body and empty out. There is a special line on the canister that lets you know when it is time to empty it.

If you have allergies or live with those who have allergies you would benefit from a vacuum with a HEPA filter. These models are ideal for trapping all the dirt and dust particles that other vacuums do not get. They greatly reduce the amount or reactions and side effects that normally come with having allergies.

In London cleaners often live in homes with hardwood floors and would benefit from a lighter version that is designed specifically for that kind of flooring.