halloween prankThey say Halloween is a magic night, but nobody knows where all this magic goes in the morning after the party, when you really need it to clean up the mess from last night. Don’t worry if you can’t find it. Here are some tips on how to deal with this problem by yourself.

You have had a great time at the Halloween party last night. The only problem is, after everybody left, you ended up alone with tons of garbage and strange stains, which origin you don’t want to know. No need to call CSI, just listen to the advice from the professionals carpet cleaning London, on how to deal with the most common stains.

If you’ve been a prank victim and you discover that somebody had the brilliant idea to shave your dog or disguise him like a snowman, don’t panic. The shell of shaving cream won’t stay around him forever. Just take him to the bathroom for a long good long bath.

The bloody stains on your carpet aren’t staying forever. First thing to do is to wet the substance, so it can be rinsed off. Use appropriate products for carpet cleaning. Don’t take risks, otherwise you can make a bigger mess than the one, you’re already into.

A wrapped up with toilet paper tree can count as a present. It isn’t the worst thing, unless it rains. The sooner you remove it, the better. You can make your cat climb on the tree and call the fire department to take it down .. with the toilet paper. If you must do it by yourself, use a long stick. Don’t climb the tree, unless you’re a professional. It isn’t worth to break your leg.