London cleaningCork floors are very convenient, because they do not cost much money and look good at the same time, which definitely is a bonus. However, maintaining and cleaning such surfaces can be a difficult assignment. The cleaning method, which you need to choose depends on whether your cork floors are sealed or unsealed.


If you have just installed new cork floors in your home and you do not know how to keep them clean then, London cleaning professionals can help you with this task. And here are their tips how to clean your cork floors effectively.


1. If you have sealed cork floors, clean them with an ordinary soap and water. You have to purchase some suitable chemical cleaner, which is not acidic, otherwise you can damage the sealant. Apply the cleaner all over the floor using a damp mop. Use small amount of water, it does not matter whether the floor is sealed or not. Dry with a cloth and leave the floors to dry.


2. On the other hand, if you have unsealed cork floors then prepare yourself to work harder. Unfortunately, these types of floors are more sensitive to moisture and chemical cleaning, because cork is a porous material. Professional cleaners in London advise their clients to use a dry foam or a rubber sponge to remove grime and dust from their unsealed cork floors. If you want to get rid of stains, appearing on the cork surface, use a dampened cloth with water to remove them. However, it is really important to dry the cleaned area immediately, before the cork absorbs the moisture. Moreover, another way to maintain your cork floors is to vacuum them regularly, in the way you threat your carpets.