It is not so hard to clean tile floors. The method of cleaning will depend on how dirty is the floor. Here are some advices which method to use and how to clean.

A regular cleaning will ease your work a lot. It will help to maintain brightness and cleanliness of the floor. Just broom the floor the moment you see any dirt or dust. This simple task can be done also by your children although it may take you some time to convince them.

Using a mop is another easy way to keep your tile floor clean. You don’t have to mop every day, once or twice a week is enough. If you spill something then make sure to mop it up immediately. Once dry, it becomes much harder to deal with the stain.

After brooming or moping, you could polish your tile floor. Use a polisher or a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Keep in mind that the floor will never be 100% clean if you just sweep or mop it. For that extra shiny surface a proper polishing is required.

For areas that are hard to reach you can use a cloth or a brush for cleaning. You could wipe the stains with a mixture of water and detergent. Then, wash away the residue by mopping it properly.

Regular cleaning will help your tile floor to look always clean and shiny. Just clean it the moment you see stains, dust or any kind of dirt. Another way to deal with floor cleaning is by using professional cleaners. A cleaner Enfield will know exactly how to deal with different kinds of stains.