Some of your friend might be too polite and handle the smell of pet in your home, but someone not so close to you may share their opinion about the odour, putting you in an embarrassing situation. Do not leave yourself in such embarrassing position and take care of the pet odour as soon as possible. Carpets are the most common source of pet odour, so start from them when you sense unpleasant smell in the room.
Always tackle pet messes as soon and thoroughly as you can. Find out the smelly areas of your carpet. If you cannot determine where they are, turn on a black-light bulb and the dried accident spots will pop up right away.
Once you have found the problematic areas, wash them using a water-extraction carpet cleaner or shampoo cleaner. Use only plain water in the machine’s reservoir to clean the areas. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine from most hardware or grocery stores.
Next, apply an enzyme pet odour neutralizing powder to the stained areas of your carpet and vacuum it up after 8 hours. The enzymes contained in that powder eliminate odour-causing bacteria and remove unpleasant smells permanently from carpet fibers. As an alternative to the pet-odour neutralizing powder, you can use baking soda or borax, but they are less effective in removing stubborn smells.
If the pet odour remains, repeat the process or consider calling professional cleaning services. Understand that in some cases where the stain has sat for a considerable amount of time, you may need to carpet cleaning professionals to get rid of the stain and the odour.