first carpet cleaning tipsStains are a common disaster. Carpet cleaning is mostly dealing with spots and dust. So let’s learn how to make your carpet cleaning using non-toxic materials.

Green cleaning is gaining more ground. It is not only that it is environmentally-friendly. It costs less to use green products. Here is a good recipe.

First carpet cleaning has come with an effective and cheap solution to all carpet problems. Learn to recognize the stains, their origins. If you have to deal with a greasy stain for example the best solution is to treat it with a paste of baking soda, vinegar and borax. Leave it to react for a couple of hours. Then vacuum it. If you notice any fresh stains pour some talcum powder on and let it absorb for half an hour. Then you can vacuum it away.

Other quite common stains are caused by ketchup. Fresh stains can be removed by simply soaking he area with cold water. Then apply a dish-washing product and rub it gently. The stain should come off this way. If you have to deal with old ketchup stain carpet cleaning London recommends using a borax solution. Pour some on the stain and blot gently.

Grass stains are easy to remove. If you think it is a fresh stain apply methylated spirits. Sponge gently and it should fade away.