cleaning services camden found mould in wall cavitiesThe mould in your home is not just dirt that it is really hard to clean off but it is also poses severe danger to your health. Just like any other form of dirt the mould has its negative consequences not just on your home but you as well. That it is why is so important to get rid off the mould before it had spread around your home, or before you not only seen, but also felt its presence.

If you see the mould growth on your walls then you maybe too late already, because the mould had already spread around your house without you knowing it or feeling it. But if there are no visible signs of the mould and you cannot be sure of its presence in the house, then there are several things you can do so that you can be sure there is mould growth.

Expert cleaners Camden find out if there is mould in the house by doing a little investigating work. The simplest tool you have at your disposal is your nose. Sniff the areas you might suspect are the source of the unpleasant mould odour.

Search for water leaks and water damage. If you suspect that there is any kind of leak or a source of excess moisture then you should definitely look for mould growth there, too. You should routinely check places that may have standing water, water stains, condensation problems (toilet bowls, bathtubs, radiators, sinks, etc.)

Search behind or underneath carpets, vinyl flooring, sink cabinets, furniture and so on. If you have to be destructive. The space between an outside wall and wall boards, for example, is an ideal place for mould to start growing and spread. And the only way that you can find out if there is mould growth is if you search inside the wall.

Mould is really hard to remove and the best tactic against it is to catch it early before it had spread. Search the most likely places that you think the mould might appear in the house. Camden cleaning services point out these places as possible origin to mould growth but there might be others to.