Lots of people are sceptic about feng shui because they don’t believe that the Chinese philosophy can really help them prosper and live better. Actually, feng shui can be a really powerful tool for living a healthy life and enjoying your home. We have collected several tips which can give you a start with the implementation of the feng shui techniques.

First, begin with assessing your house from the outside. Do you like its colour? Is the garden well-maintained? Do the windows need cleaning? Ask a friend to answer these questions for you, because your opinion may subjective.

If your home is small, you can place several mirrors on the walls – this will immediately make your house look more spacious. Adding some pots with plants in the property is also a smart trick for brightening your living space. Or you can regularly put seasonal flowers in vases around the house – it’s up to you to choose the best option.

Hang some photos or paintings on the walls – this will also increase the positive energy in your home. You and your children can get creative and make a DIY art. In this way you will always smile when you pass by the art which was made by your own hands.

One of the most essential techniques is the feng shui energy triangle – the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. The kitchen should correspond to cleanliness, health and organization. Try to put some order in all utensils, appliances, spices, boxes, etc. If you don’t know how to properly store your things, you can find interesting ideas online.

The bathroom should be ventilated regularly in order to let fresh air in and to avoid condensation. You can also put some scented candles which will contribute to the nice smell. Try to keep your bathroom warm and well-illuminated.

The colours of the bedroom should be relaxing and not aggressive – pastel colours are the most suitable. The bed in the bedroom should be accessible from both sides and it is recommended to have small bedside tables. Open the windows every morning to assure the regular flow of fresh air in the room. The feng shui specialists also advice to pay a special attention to the curtains, mattresses and carpets in the bedroom, because most people clean them once in several years. It is recommended to do upholstery cleaning London at least once every year.

The mentioned tips are enough to get you started with the feng shui techniques. You will feel the difference soon after implementing these suggestions.