Some people use the carpets because it is more comfortable for them, and other prefer them in order to make their house more beautiful. Both ways, you probably want to keep your carpet fresh for longer. That’s why you should do something about it.

Do not forget that you have to call professional cleaning services at least twice a year to take care about your rug thoroughly. During the rest of the time, you have to do your best to keep the dirt and the dust away of the carpet. One of the things you can do about it is to strictly forbidden the walking with shoes in the room. This is the main way to bring dirt on the carpet. Except the shoes, you have to ban the dirty feet in the house. Ask your children to wash themselves after they finish playing.

Vacuum your precious carpet twice a week because if you do it only once, the dirt will stuck in it. Pay attention when there is a spot and deal with it immediately. In case you leave that task for later, you can forget about it and this will make the stain permanent. Dogs are probably the best friend of the man but they are not friends with the carpet and they can ruin it forever.

Keeping close to these tips and hiring professional cleaning services on regular basis will make help you to keep your rug fresh for longer.