Cleaner LondonDo you use paper towels in the house cleaning process? Have you looked at the pile of paper towels in your trash can after you finish cleaning? Do you know that the number of paper towels used every day equals to as much as 51 000 trees? Do you want to help to reduce this number? Read on to learn how.

If you go to a supermarket you will find lots of biodegradable products, such as sponges and cloths, which you can use for wiping. Of course, they will cost you some money. If you want you can use such materials, or you can follow the advice of London cleaners.

Look in the old boxes in your garage and dig out all of your old cotton t-shirts, which you are not wearing any more. Separate the ones that are good for charity and tear the rest in pieces with medium size. Use them instead of paper towels. You can wipe, blot and do everything that you do with paper towels with them. They do just as good job, but unlike paper towels, they can be used several times and are biodegradable.

Imagine what will happen if every person on the Earth follows the advice of Cleaner London and starts using his old cotton sheets, t-shirts and other clothes for cleaning, instead of paper towels? How many trees will be saved per year and how better place for living our planet will be.

We must learn how to live green. Following the above tip is only a small step of this huge cause. If you want to learn more on the topic have a look at this page.