Healthy in the winterThe winter is knocking on the door and although we still miss the summer, we need to prepare ourselves for cold weather and snow. Everybody deals with it in a different way, some people love winter time, others like me don’t.

I can get trough cold weather, but the lack of sun and getting dark at 5 pm drive me a little bit crazy. So I guess I am a summer child, but as long as I live here and not in Hawaii I must somehow get trough winter time and more important – stay healthy.

Winter is this time of the year when everybody gets sick. Can we avoid that ? Sure, if we follow some rules we can stay healthy even in the coldest days. First thing we need to do is ventilate our room as often as possible. Better cold than full of dust. Following this direction we must make sure that our home is clean and free of dust. We can hire a professional carpet cleaning services London that can do it for us.

Other thing we can do is make sure we take a lot of vitamins and eat food not only from the microwave and the freezer. This will help our organism to stay healthy. If we want more protection we can also eat garlic and onion – it works  like a natural vaccine.

During the winter it’s also better to avoid going to crowded places like the cinema, the theatre and other closed places, where there are a lot of people. The risk of catching a cold in a place like this is much bigger than if we stay at home with couple of friends.

We may not go so often outside but that shouldn’t stop us from doing some simple exercises at home – washing dishes, carpet cleaning, walking the dog etc. Just remember to dress warmly.