Being in good shape isn’t a thing you achieve over a week. It is a non-stop work, you can’t get a break from. During festive days, people usually overeat, drink too much alcohol and spend more time at home than usual. All those factors contribute for weight gain, and this is the main reason why, we decided to give you some effective tips on how to stay fit during the holidays.

When thinking of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is all the gifts we give and receive. And the second place is reserved for the multiple courses, delicious and healthy dinner. While shopping for presents may result in burned calories, staying at home eating will give the exact opposite result.

Don’t worry, no one expects you to keep a diet on Christmas Eve, this would be unheard of. What we will try to do, is give you some advice on how to avoid overeating and be more active, rather than just staying at home gaining weight.

Think smart when cooking

I am certainly not trying to change the traditions and convince you, salad is the traditional Christmas dish. We all are aware of what’s served on this holiday. There will be turkey and pudding, but there is no harm in preparing several types of salads, to put on the table. And don’t forget the carrots as well, they are also part of the tradition.

Do Inventory

Christmas is a great time to do an inventory and de-clutter your home from all the things you don’t need. This way, you will free up space for the new things, coming in. Last year I organised a charity sale, together with my cleaners in South Norwood. It was a total win-win. I got rid of stuff I don’t need while raising money for those who are less fortunate.

Don’t underestimate the process, it involves physical work and will ensure you will stay in shape and feel better about yourself like all good deeds do.

Those are just two of our tips on how to stay in shape during the holidays. Stay tuned for the rest.

Do After Christmas Cleaning

If you are hosting the festive dinner, your home must be spotless. In case you have guests staying over, then the place should be perfect. You certainly don’t want your relatives to spread the word about what a messy person you are and complain about the conditions in your home behind your back.

Deep cleaning is in order, and it is time to look at this chore on its positive side. Employees at Brixton SW2 cleaning know how exhausting this type of work can be, and it is no mistake to consider it equal to a workout in the gym. And that is good news for all the people, trying to stay fit during the holidays.

Say no to overeating

We already know Christmas is all about turkey and pudding, but be careful not to overeat with those rich foods. Start with a big portion of salad, slowly making your way to the main course and drink a lot of water and/ or juice. Drinking enough liquids will leave less room for food and you will be full, without eating so much. Consider having the dessert. Later on, it tastes much better when eaten separately, anyway.

Have fun

That means you should dance, laugh, play board games and have as much fun as you possibly can. You may see no relation between this and stay fit, but we know for sure, such exists. In fact, the holidays are a perfect time, because you are with all your loved ones, enjoying your time together. It is the best way to stay in perfect shape, without even realising you are doing something on purpose to achieve this goal.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!