A lot of people prefer to go skiing instead of staying at home for Christmas and I understand them. They just want to spend the holiday in a different way. And go skiing is really pleasant if you know the right place and if you have the right equipment. Part of this equipment are the gloves which cannot be skipped. And what about the cleaning in the end?

Different materials need different treatment, so as always I will remind you that first you have to find out what is the fabric the gloves were made of. It is necessary to read the instructions and to check the labels before taking any further actions. Ask the professional domestic cleaners London if you have to.

When the instructions allow, you can put the gloves into the washing machine. But choose a gentle cycle and warm but not hot water. It is not recommended washing leather gloves in the laundry. Clean them using special detergent for leather only gently spraying the material and wiping with a clean cloth.

If you call the domestic cleaners London for advice, they will tell you that you don’t have to put ski glove into the dryer in no circumstances. After all they don’t need so much time to get dry, so don’t worry, you will have your gloves dry very soon.