cleaners LondonLeather jewellery as all jewellery needs special care. If you have no idea what is good for your leather jewellery and what is not, this article will help you keep your leather bracelets, necklace and rings looking beautiful and prolong their life.

The worst enemy of leather is moisture. Therefore, when you clean your leather jewellery make sure that you don’t use any liquid. Moisture as well as heat should be avoided to maintain the leather intact. To make your leather jewellery clean, you may purchase special leather oil that makes leather shine and preventing it from getting dirty. Just apply on a soft, clean cloth and wipe.

Sweat and moisture can cause bad odours that no one would want attached to their body. To protect your beautiful leather jewellery, you should take it off before having a shower or sporting. Although this won’t eliminate the impact of moisture, you’ll have more time to enjoy and wear your unique leather jewellery.

Cleaners London recommend that you keep your leather jewellery into a jewellery box where it’s isolated from moisture. If your leather jewellery has got wet after all, it’ll get softer and probably disintegrate. It’s almost impossible to protect your jewellery from moisture, especially if you’re used to wear it every day. To make your leather jewellery last longer, you should spray it with special leather protector before put it on.

Taking care of leather jewellery isn’t so difficult, is it? A few precautions can help you keep your jewellery look beautiful longer.