Many people in nowadays live in rental homes. They don’t own the place and they have to pay a rent every month or weekly. They usually have to sign some sort of contract, before they move in. In that contract are included all rights and obligations of both sides-the landlord and the tenant. The tenant usually obligates to give the landlord deposit which, will cover any damage in future. At the end of the rental period when the tenant is moving out, the landlord could restore the full amount of the deposit, if there are no damages. Now, every normal person should be interested in how to get back the full amount of that sum, therefore at the end of tenancy cleaning is something, that goes by default.End of tenancy cleaning isn’t much different from a nice , good, thorough spring cleaning, let’s say. You have to clean up everything, like it was when you moved in. This means no missed spots and areas. If you are living in a big city or at least near at some, you could check if there are agencies/companies, that offer this kind of service. Most of the cleaning companies have that kind of service. If you are, let’s say London, you could check under end of tenancy cleaning London, for instance, and see what you can find. Of course, this is optional. If you have the time and nerves to perform this type of deep cleaning that’s fine. But remember in order to get your full amount of money you have to present the home in perfectly clean condition.