Many of the people, who are living in a rented units know perfectly well the time, when they have to start packing their belongings, send them to another place and do the last cleaning before the landlord comes to do the inspection of the place. One of the obligations, written down in the contract, the lease contract, is to present at the end of tenancy clean, tidy apartment.

It’s imperative, when you get something from someone for a period of time, to return it in the same condition or close to its first original look. That goes out for everything and rented properties don’t make exception.

The landlord cares to waste minimum time between the moving-out of the current and the moving-in of the next tenant. By putting that clause, tenancy cleaning, in the contract he could be sure that you are going to clean before you move out and he will be able to let new tenants the very next day, in the same place. This way he doesn’t lose time and money. In case you fail to do that, the cleaning part, he could use the whole sum of the deposit or part of it, to hire someone, a cleaning company and do the job. Well basically the deposit is a sort of compensation if you fail to fulfil any of the obligations in the signed contract.

The end of tenancy cleaning prices could vary. It depends on what the cleaners need to perform.