Edible fungi are delicious but the sort of fungi that inhabit your refrigerator or grow on your walls, shower curtains and in between your toes are not so appetising. There are millions of spores, yeasts, moulds and mildew flying around your home looking for somewhere to live and breed.

Spores are common components of house dust and can cause allergies and infections. They love damp, moist conditions and are most likely to develop in steamy bathrooms and unventilated spaces, where they make themselves visible in the form of black spots and splodges, which can grow at an alarming rate.


Given the chance, they rot wood and walls and can carry infections, such as ringworm and athletes foot, it is very important to get rid of them. At the extreme end, they cause Legionnaires disease, which is very dangerous.


Fungal spores also invade humidifiers, dehumidifiers and vaporisers and set up home in tile grout, sealants, refrigerator drip trays and food. The best defence against these invaders is to avoid damp conditions through proper ventilation and good housekeeping.