A lot of people simply hate doing chores. The reasons for that could be different, but most people are mainly hating it because it’s a dirty job and it takes away from your free time. There are a whole bunch of stuff, that you could do instead of cleaning. But every once in a while there comes the time when you have to face the fact and prepare the cleaning tools and detergents and start from somewhere. Tenancy cleaning is really responsible job and it has to be performed with care.

Therefore in order to complete it right you have to start on time. In most cases people are taking couple of days off work, but in my opinion that is not exactly necessary. All you have to do is to make a good plan and follow it.

For example you could spend two to three hours a day, before or aster work, cleaning different rooms. Dependently on the number of rooms you could start a week before you have to move out or less.

Each day you could go through a different room, make it right clean and neat and the next day simply move on to another. And maybe some rooms will need more than just couple of hours cleaning. You should take into consideration all these details when you make the schedule.

After every room is thoroughly cleaned up, all that has left is to meet the landlord and discuss the returning of your deposit. Of course if you experience some problems with the cleaning you could call in some cleaning company and see what they could do about it. Professional end of tenancy cleaning services are also very popular.