Many times in life people have to deal with problems. Small ones, big ones it doesn’t matter, you have to overcome the problems at some point and find a solution. Now these are strong words, but they work for everything if you think about it.

Having to pay rent and living in a rented apartment is a responsibility. Responsibility, that you take from the moment you move in and have until your last day of your contract. And the last thing before that is the part where you have to clean up. The end of tenancy cleaning prices could be reduced by purchasing only certain features from the service. So you better shape up and do not leave the place to became one filthy pile of clothes and all other kind of trash.

Speaking of cheap way to clean up at home here is one really useful cleaner, which is most used as a cooking ingredient. We are talking of course about bicarbonate of soda. Let’s see how we could put it into use. First you have to know that is cheap and easily to find in almost every store nationwide. One thing that it could be used against is bad odour. It kills it over a night. Simply sprinkle some on the carpet inside the wardrobe, drawers leave it like that for 24 hours and clean it up wit the help of the vacuum cleaner or the broom.

Mixed together with water the bicarbonate of soda makes sweet cleaner-nature friendly, home made cleaning solution. It works great on greasy spots all over the oven or the dirty barbecue.

Getting the house cleaned up before you move out is one of the most important things. It’s important because it considers the return of the deposit.

By being persistent tenant and by cleaning thoroughly on a regular base you are making progress toward the receiving of the deposit. Bare in mind the fact, that in case you are not able to fix everything before moving out, you have to turn to the professionals for help. The end of tenancy cleaning London prices are relatively affordable and most people rely on that. Which means that you don’t have to use that as an excuse.