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Types of Cleaning Brushes

Posted on Aug 11, 2011 by in Cleaning Advice | 2 comments

cleaning brushes

Cleaning brush is one of the most useful cleaning tools in a household. The thousands of hairs help you to remove all kind of dirt from different types of surfaces. If you don’t know what kind of cleaning brush you need to clean your floors, kitchen or bathroom, you’d better continue reading.


Utility brushes are a great cleaning tool as they are small and can be stored under the sink, so that you can quickly grab them and clean small amounts of material from the floor that don’t require a broom.

For deep cleaning floors, you need a scrub brush. These are several types of scrub brushes, but those without a handle are made for serious floor cleaning as they can remove wax or dirt buildups.
Deck brushes are a perfect for cleaning outdoor floor cleaning applications.


Sink cleaning brushes help you maintain your kitchen clean and shining. For optimal result, make sure that you use a good eco-friendly cleaner applied on the brush.
Dish brushes are made for cleaning pots and pans as well as for nonstick surfaces.


Cleaning a bathroom without a brush is almost impossible, especially if you’ve neglected for a long time and a great amount of dirt and mould has built-up.

Toilet bowl brushes are found in every toilet and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shaped, with a caddy or without a caddy.

Having the right cleaning brushes and cleaning detergents, you may not need to book professional house cleaning services. Remember, when cleaning specific surface, read the manufacturers instruction in advance to avoid any damages.


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