Today a simple cleaning become a very profitable industry continuing to grow year after year. We are not just speaking about the cleaning companies, professional cleaners but for the producers of cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment too. For most of the people cleaning as a profession looks like more than an easy job and use of chemicals for cleaning is something normal as well. Such conception is absolutely wrong and usually those who stick to it are not very familiar with the risks that are caused by the influence of the cleaning chemicals. The reports published from the medical community are showing that the number of the health problems is increasing and this is explained with the fact that they are working with the hazardous cleaning substances which may cause even cancer. The problem that arise when such researches were made few years ago and the data was published were mainly related with the negative effects of hazardous substances causing allergic and asthma and what could be the consequences after year impact? Unfortunately neither the Wimbledon carpet cleaning staff nor the consumers could be preserved from this by the time both sides are still using cleaning chemicals. Not rare are the cases when part from these cleaning substances are staying on the already treated surfaces or in the fibers of the furniture and carpets and are causing nose, eye and respiratory irritations. Not mentioning that allergic shocks and problems with breading that could even become chronic at some moment.